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There's a mature blondes meeting at the salon ! Glamourous older ladies wearing classy lingerie, depraved nympho milfs fucking everything in sight, sophisticated fetishists and amateur slutty wives, over 60 kinky grannies .. they' re  100% blondes and want to please ! Enjoy the show !

Blonde of the moment:

Ruth, a pantyless mature blonde in pink basque revealing a large cleavage

Ruth is a retired teacher, after being a conservative person she now unleashes her exhibitionnism- showing off in sexy panties, garters and hose. Ruth has choosen to open her site on the network. You' ll have full access to 250+ other amateurs models ( including some very raunchy mature blondes hehe ) when you join her site. Click here for Ruth

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Nylon Sue fan blog
Pics of the famous british blonde with a nylons fetish.
Elegant  and sexy mature women.
Milfs, moms and grannies wearing bras.
Lovely sexually active seniors citizens of the female gender.
Soft mature natural breasts...
Rear views only !

Blogs directories:

A tough charming blonde

Cheeky old blond woman
Holy banana, I' ll bait anytime !

This blonde a bit rough around the edges, experimented and tatooed, but her engaging smile says it all: we' re gonna have good time together , european style ! >

Over 60 cougars

They get a bright blond hairdress and stay young for ever to attract and consume horny alpha-males: that' s  cougar' s life.
Watch them  having fun with their prey in this batch of  galleries:

blond granny naked older cougar riding a blond granny having sex
playful platinum blonde over 60 with a guy Julia Butt busty sexy old blonde gettin her breasts fondled
superb mature blonde

Chubby sexy blonde

Chubby mature blonde in sexy lingerie
Mature blonde+ lingerie= sexual attraction guaranteed

While perousing vintage lingerie sites one may stumble upon some really appealing sophisticated blondes.. I like my blonde nudist, but I like her even more when she adds a magic touch with nylon stockings, sheer lingerie and spike heels !

The revenge of the blonde

Dominant mature blonde in ff stockings doing face sitting
Bad porn blogger deserves some face sitting

I said so much stupid things about mature blondes in this pornblog, I deserve a special treatment. If only I could get punished by Nylon Sue and her maids, I would without a doubt go back to a respectful attitude. If only !
Joke aside I' m a fan of Sue since a long time, I even built a blog back in 2008- 2009 devoted to this very special blonde. I may update it when I have time. Take a peek if you like her too, there are some galleries ( and my stupid thoughts ) to watch:

Nylon Sue fan Blog >>

I like my mature blondes a bit tarty

tarty blond milf dressed in pink and white boots

I was very fond of these tarty mature blondes in my teenagehood, they were my favorite wanking fantasy. So feminine, so sexy, so hot ! They made me feel like a big macho guy. Ah memories...

Find more at >>

A chubby blonde

chubby blond milf with large hips and tiny tits

This blonde got a chubby body shape, with large hips and a big ass. However she persists to dress like a barbee doll: some may find this ridiculous, I do find this extremely sexy. What about you ?

chubby blonde in sheer black lingerie
Find more at >>

Your mature blond aunt SpeedyBee with love ( + friends )

Speedy Bee, the coolest mature blonde ever !
Speedy Bee, an older blonde in lace black stockings
Gallery 1
Nude older blonde getting her pussy licked
Gallery 2

Some women are not centerfold models but they spread around such "i-like-to-fuck-ness"...

SpeedyBee is your cool mature blond aunt, neighbour, mom' s friend, the kind of sensual next door mature lover with a very open mind ;) you like to visit for a good plain friendly fuck !

Her site is one of the most frequently updated with the best quality material among the 250+ amateur sites from the network.

I highly recommand you to explore this network, there are some gems here and when you join ONE site you get full access to each and every other one.

Give a visit to aunt SpeedyBee ! >>

wait !
Since I' ve been teasing you with these Tacamateurs gems, I feel like it' s my duty to introduce some of them to you:

athletic blonde mature bimbo posing with plateform heels then sucking dick
Melody, a brit milf at work

petite mature blonde
Honey4u, a dirty dirty blonde

Blonde BBW in pink
Taffy Spanx fits the Mature Blonde Salon' s colors perfectly

slutty amateur mature blonde in sexy white dress
Ruth, dressing to tease

Continue to >>

Your new batch of mature blondes

Some blondes from I' d like to have fun with...
As usual in order to watch them having sex or getting nude click them lovely faces to open an images gallery !

Stunning over 40 curly haired blonde busty older blonde Dumb sexy blonde
pretty mature blonde very busty old blonde magnificent dirty blonde with a long hair
cool blond mom ( Marina Johnson is my fav' one ! ) >>>>>>>> Beautiful Marina

Nylon Sue, a special case of mature blonde

Nylon Sue, mature dirty blonde with curly hair
" Oh Dear... I think I went anal with the rolling pin ! "

A super elegant wife playing with herself in the kitchen inadvertently ends up sitting on a rolling pin... Can you believe this ? The trouble with Nylon Sue is she' s an incredible, "out of the box" blonde.In a few word she' s:
- a nylons dominatrix, it involves a lot of different arousing fetishes, like gloved handjobs, nylon encasement, face sitting...
- a glamourous poser too, her lingerie appparel is top- shelf and varied, a real source of enjoyement for the lover of classy mature women...
- and there' s the undescriptible part of her wich makes me think she got some kind of a twisted mind...
See for yourself, visit her site:

Fuck I hate blondes ;)

Playful mature blonde librarian
you can' t resist the bitch

Do what the blonde tells ! That's what I love and hate at the same time with these irresistible mature blondes dressing classy and acting slutty. We call these creatures "bitches", don' t we ?

Marina hardcore pic
the blonde got what she wanted

So be it! After all I can accept kneeling for a blonde if it' s for the purpose of burying my face between her nyloned legs as a foreplay to more dirty games...

Instant boner mature blondes... you' ll find a lot of them at

Lana' s lingerie tease

Mature blonde Lana in pink lingerie posing on a bed
Her hobby is shopping sexy lingerie and exposing herself to her fans. " Do you think I'm pretty in pink ?" she asks while bending over on the bed...
"What about this white lace corset ? Do I look good enough ? Hey watch my new fluffy boa !"
What a tease ! I think Lana would drive me mad if I ever lived with her. And broken too, given the price of the sexy stuff she' s collecting to show off in all her slutty blonde 's glory !
better throw 20 bucks to join her site, it' s a risk free relationship !!!

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Dreaming of mature blondes...

Sandy in white corset
Mature blonde Sandy posing and showing her ass

Why not relax by the pool with Sandy ? Nothing can go wrong: you' re sipping a cocktail in your luxurious spanish mansion with an elegant sexy mature blonde, thinking about the good after dinner times you' ll spend with her...

* 2014 edit:
Unfortunately Sandy has terminated her website...
 sorry about that.

A cool mature blonde you' d want to be friend with

A sexy mature blonde
We all know that kind of cool blonde- be it from the neighbourood or our circle of friends. You can just ask her for a friendly fuck and there will be no problem at all if she likes you.
Found at >>

A thick older sexy blonde on a sofa


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